H. Lehmann Ltd Conditions of Service

All product is accepted subject only to our standard Terms and Conditions. Your equipment will be inspected upon arrival, on occasions we may be unable to undertake service or repair due to spare parts shortages or other factors outside our control. In such circumstances we reserve the right to return your equipment in its original state. 

These conditions apply to any agreement between H. Lehmann and any individual or organisation that asks us to repair or replace any goods or parts of goods. The term ‘repair’ includes adjustments and partial or combined repair and replacement of goods. These conditions apply also to goods left with us for repair evaluation or estimate.


1. Guarantee or Warranty Work

If you want us to repair goods under warranty terms, you must give us enough evidence to satisfy us that the goods fall within the time limit or other conditions of their warranty. If you fail or delay to give us this evidence, we can charge you for the repair work.


2. Estimates

  • Unless you put a request in writing to us, we do not have to give you an estimate before we start repair work.
  • Unless you give us permission to go ahead, we may delay starting the work.
  • If we do not receive instructions within 21 days of the date of the estimate, we may return the goods to you at your expense.
  • If we have given you an estimate and the repair doesn’t happen, either through lack of communication or because you have refused the estimate, we may charge for the examination and re-assembly of the goods. We will try to re-assemble the goods to the condition in which we received them. However, if we are unable to do this, we will not be liable to you for any loss or damage that occurs as a result.


3. Standard of Repair

  • Unless agreed differently, we will repair the goods to the manufacturer’s specification.
  • We will decide at our discretion:
  • the nature and method of repair;
  • the type of replacement parts to be used; and
  • whether the goods should be totally or partially repaired or replaced. We will decide on suitable replacements and these do not have to be identical to the original goods.
  • H. Lehmann may sub-contract all or part of the repair work.


4. Delay or Cancellation of Repair or Replacement

Any dates quoted by H. Lehmann for completion of repair work or delivery of replacement goods are approximate. If we do not meet these dates we will not be liable for any resulting loss. We may postpone or cancel repair or replacement work at any time.


5. Collection/Delivery of the Goods

  • Unless agreed differently, the repaired or replaced goods will be returned via courier. We will decide the method of packing and delivery. The goods will be delivered at your risk and, unless they were repaired under warranty, and at our discretion at your expense.
  • If the goods are damaged or incomplete when they arrive you must write to let us and the carrier know within 3 days of delivery.
  • You must write to let us and the carrier know if the goods have not been delivered within 7 days of the date of the despatch note or invoice.


6. Payment

  • Repaired or replaced goods must be paid for either before they can be despatched or taken from our premises, or within 21 days of us letting you know they are ready for collection.
  • If you have an approved account with us, you must pay by the end of the calendar month following the month during which the repair charges are invoiced.
  • We reserve the right to halt any repairs with outstanding balances of overdue accounts.
  • If you do not pay in full for the repair or replacement of the goods, or do not collect them within 12 months (+ 1 month grace) after we have told you they are ready, we may dispose of them in line with our environmental policy. The method of disposal will be at our discretion. We may also sell some equipment in order to cover:
  • the costs of repair and/or replacement;
  • storage;
  • expenses incurred in trying to contact you; and/or
  • expenses incurred in disposing of the goods.


7. Guarantee or Warranties

Subject to the following conditions, we will repair or replace free of charge any part of the goods which, during the 6 months following the goods collection or despatch, are found to contain defects in materials or workmanship that directly relate to the repair or replacement carried out by us.

This guarantee is limited to the part or parts of the goods which H. Lehmann has repaired or replaced.

This does not apply:

  • if damage to the goods is caused by accident, misuse, failure to follow the operating instructions, or unauthorised modification or repair;
  • to parts that have a ‘use by’ date, e.g. batteries; or
  • if by written agreement, the goods have not been repaired to the manufacturer’s specification.


8. H. Lehmann’s Liability

(a) We are liable for death, personal injury or physical damage to property if caused directly from our negligence in repairing the goods.

(b) Except as stated in clause 7 and 8(a) we will not be liable for any costs, claims, damage, death or injury relating to the goods, whatever they are or however they occurred.

(c) Your statutory rights are not affected.


9. Customer’s assurance

  • You must guarantee that the goods belong to you or to your customer and that they are not dangerous or potentially dangerous.
  • You will compensate us for any loss, death, injury or damage that occurs if the above assurance is broken.


10. Customer Privacy

H. Lehmann may use information about you and your H. Lehmann product to verify the authenticity of the product and determine the retail channel through which it was sold. H. Lehmann will only share your information if necessary to perform its services, in order to comply with the law or for the prevention or prosecution of criminal acts. We also reserve the right to share information with other parties for the processes of accounting, warranty information, and dispatch confirmation. A list of companies with whom we share information is available on request.


11. Construction

  •  Variations or additions to the conditions outlined above will only be effective if:
  • stated in the order acceptance; or
  • put in writing and signed by a H. Lehmann director or authorised member of staff, with a copy attached to the order acceptance.
  • Any reference to ‘writing’ in these conditions includes emails, faxes and electronically recorded material. All contracts will be interpreted and applied under English law.

H. Lehmann Ltd is registered in England and Wales with company number 01399509 and VAT registration number GB 318-9494-19 whose registered office is at 247-249 London Road, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, ST4 5AA, England.

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