AF Fine Tuning

Many of the modern DSLR camera’s suffer from a phenomenon known as front or rear focussing.

AF Fine Tuning - H. Lehmann

The AF – Auto Focus mechanism can drift off target to produce what is known as front focusing or rear focusing. This commonly occurs with lenses when using a wide aperture. For best results H. Lehmann Ltd can calibrate your lens and camera body together.

"My lens would not focus where I wanted - this was quickly sorted by H. Lehmann"

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Front focussing can often spoil a whole days shooting, and at H. Lehmann Ltd we understand how frustrating this can be. We offer a quick turnaround service for this issue for both bodies and lenses, we strongly recommend having your bodies and lenses "AF Matched" for the greatest accuracy and consistency.​

At H. Lehmann Ltd we use the latest calibration test equipment to ensure your camera is calibrated to the very highest standards. Using our high precision projector, we can also make precise alignment and centering adjustments to your lenses

Book your Lens or Camera & Lens together for best results. Calibrate a number of lenses and camera bodies together in order to save £'s - Less than £50 per AF Calibration. Book on-line collection and return delivery.


Camera Body Only Calibration


Single Lens Calibration


Camera Body & Lens Calibration


Camera Body & Two Lenses Calibration


Two Camera Body & Two Lenses Calibration

If you have a different combination of lens and camera bodies call us to discuss.